I Love Writing

Blog posts, content, copywriting, scripts, screenplays, social media posts, apology letters (I’ve written so many of these to my wife over the years). I can and will write just about anything you need.

You want to engage your audience, tell your story, and sell your products/services. I understand that and will work with you to create the perfect content to do it.

I’m pretty good at nailing it on the first try, but that doesn’t mean I don’t welcome feedback. You surely have a specific idea for the project. I’m flexible. Let’s talk about it and get it right.

Why Choose Me?

My writing is conversational and engaging. I know how to write content that gets noticed by Google and other search engines. Whether it’s a topic that’s new to me or one that I know, I love to research and find out all that I can.

Most importantly, I’m a laid-back person so it’s easy to work with me. Seriously, the most common comment on my report cards was, “A pleasure to have in class..”

My qualifications:

  • I have a BA in Communication
  • I’ve done graduate work in new media as well as ¬†online & social marketing
  • Writing is my passion, some might say it borders on obsession

Some trivia about me:

  • I’m married to an amazing woman and we have a few fur-babies
  • I perform stand-up and improvisational comedy (Not as regularly as I’d like, but still)
  • I’m a movie buff